• Do checkin source (src)
  • Do checkin build output (lib)
  • Do checkin runtime node_modules
  • Do not checkin devDependency node_modules (husky can help see below)


In order to handle correctly checking in node_modules without devDependencies, we run Husky before each commit. This step ensures that formatting and checkin rules are followed and that devDependencies are excluded. To make sure Husky runs correctly, please use the following workflow:

npm install                                 # installs all devDependencies including Husky
git add abc.ext                             # Add the files you've changed. This should include files in src, lib, and node_modules (see above)
git commit -m "Informative commit message"  # Commit. This will run Husky

During the commit step, Husky will take care of formatting all files with Prettier as well as pruning out devDependencies using npm prune --production. It will also make sure these changes are appropriately included in your commit (no further work is needed)